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Our company buys an assortment of antiques and collectibles from private parties - everything from singular objects to entire collections. We purchase full and partial estates. Assistance is available to help you sort out what you have, evaluate its worth, and explain your best options.

We are in the business of selling antiques, vintage pieces and collectibles.  Scarce specializes in Mid-century Modern, but we do extend our inventory to older pieces as well. One thing you can be sure of, and that is if it's classic, vintage, cool and sometimes funky, you can find it at Scarce.
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Another option available at Scarce is to allow us to sell your possessions online. We take care of everything. Your object will be evaluated for online selling suitability. Photos will be taken, and the listing created. We monitor the listing and answer questions of potential bidders. Finally, we ship it when it sells. The only thing you have to do is to watch your mailbox for the check.
For an array of reasons, your best option may be to consign your treasure. Together we establish a price. Scarce markets and sells your piece, and then the shop takes a specified percentage for the service. If you don't need an immediate infusion of cash, this could be the avenue to follow.
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